Saturday Mornings…

Saturday mornings pose a dilemma for us, as I’m sure it does for a lot of you. It’s usually, at least where I live, the one day of the week you can rely on for a little warmth and sun for the start of the day. And so, obviously, some oh-so-great, elaborate plan is made for the day ahead, which usually consists of a ridiculously early start of 7am followed by a hike or two in the sunshine and a cake in the local cafe to end. The problem comes however, when the alarm rings and thoughts emerge in your mind of who could have been so incredibly stupid as to make plans to wake up at this time, a few groans of frustration are let out and you roll over and get on with your night’s sleep. Today however, we hitched up our skirts, got out the door for eight (only an hour late, not too shabby for my family) and set off for Rosberry Topping

20140511-133745.jpgFor those of you who don’t know, Roseberry Topping is a 2km hike, with an approximate height of 300m.

20140511-134052.jpgThe view from the top is incredible and stretches on for miles. The atmosphere is beautifully serene and you receive a great sense of accomplishment as you come out at the top breathing so hard you begin to question your fitness levels.

20140511-134448.jpgOn the way down, you are engulfed by this overwhelming stretch of bluebells. The perfect site for a small drink and of course taking photos. I alone have at least 20 photos from here which my mother insisted on taking and having me, and my less obliging dad, pose for.

20140511-134947.jpgClearly, we are not the only people with that idea.



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