People watching…

Sometimes the best thing to do is sit down, put your feet up and let your fellow citizens entertain you. After a gruelling day of walking and sweating and standing in queues so long we didn’t even know where the end and then sweating some more, we decided to do exactly that. And let me assure you, we came across many interesting ‘specimens’ (as my dad so politely calls them).

20140713-192847-70127648.jpg Whether it was middle-aged men with farmyard animal fetishes,

20140713-193548-70548342.jpg Or four year-old kids who had desires to chase ducks with their iPads at ten o’clock at night,

20140713-194148-70908588.jpg Or girls in the hotel who enjoyed canoodling with pillows, or men with scarily strong resemblances to swamp ogres (I’ll resist putting a photo of this particular specimen in here) ,

20140713-194901-71341274.jpg Or whether it was just my dad, so gracefully taking his afternoon power-nap, we found ourselves being well and truly entertained.


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