DIY:Lace Insert T-Shirt…

I’ve been finding a lot of old T-Shirts lying around lately, and it’s also the end of the holidays, so obviously, there’s not been much more to life than sleeping and eating and trying to savor the last few days of doing nothing before school comes round again for another year. And so, I decided to DIY something…

IMG_1835-0.PNGIt started off as one of those generic T-Shirts you found in every store, on every shelf and hanger (the infamous ‘epic’ top) but I wanted to make something a bit new and unique out of it so I just cut up some lace, did a bit of sewing and tweaking and what not, and it was done- it really was that simple! And it also happens to be a way to lengthen something that is too small for you.

IMG_1791.JPGYou’ll need…
1.An old t-shirt
2.A ruler/tape measure
4.Lace (1m)
6.Needle and thread/sewing machine

IMG_1797.JPG1.First, try your shirt on and mark the point where you want your lace insert to start. Then lay your shirt out and using a measuring tape, mark a horizontal line across that point and cut along it.(Make sure this line isn’t too high up)

IMG_1798.JPGYou should then have two halves to your T-Shirt.

IMG_1801.JPG2.The next step is to lay out your lace and cut out two parts of lace, both a little longer than the length of your shirt.

IMG_1802-0.JPG3.Put the two sides of your lace together and sew along both edges creating one large loop of lace.This loop is going to be sewed along the length of your shirt.(Make sure the loop is not too small- if your finding it hard to get the exact size of loop then make it a bit bigger but NOT smaller!)

IMG_1805.JPG4.Then pin the right side of your lace loop to the right side of your T-Shirt-DONT pin along both edges of the lace-only on the edge touching the bottom of your T-Shirt! (Like in the picture)Then sew the two together.

IMG_1809.JPG4.Then do the same with the bottom half of your T-Shirt- sewing the right side of your lace loop to the right side of your shirt. Then iron out all the seams and you’re done!





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