Room Rejuvenation: Project RR

I love our village. Its a village out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by yellow and green fields as far as you can see. And at the end of those fields are an array of mountains which stand proudly in the distance. In the morning when the sun shines and even in the winter when the mountains are topped with little white caps of snow, it really is one of the most beautiful views I can imagine. So that’s why I love my house, I love where its located.

But (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, didn’t you) there are a few rooms which seriously get my mood down and need some work in this fabulously located house. And so, I’ve decided to start a new project over the summer called ‘Room Rejuvenation’. Basically, in this project, I will attempt to redecorate, refresh and renew some of these rooms and blog about every step of the way.

The one problem, however, is that my money bag is, unfortunately, not too pleased with this idea. So this project will largely be based around DIY. I’ll be trying to find new ways to refurbish the rooms which don’t break the money banks such as DIY decorations, using eBay or Depop to buy and sell new furniture and much, much more. I’ll be blogging about all of the things I try; if I liked them, whether they worked and how you could go about trying them, if you are interested. So let’s begin!

The first room I will be tackling is the one in the most dire situation: The Landing.

This room has irked me for a a long time. There are many (MANY) issues with this room which I will be dealing with one by one. But first, here are some pictures of this infamous ‘Landing’.

landing collage

The ultimate goal for this room is for it to be extremely warm and cosy. It should be functional as a place to put dirty laundry and to just dump stuff, but in a neat and organised way. It could also perhaps have some seating, where you can read a book or something, but that’s still unsure. I’m yet to decide on a theme for the room but so far I’m thinking minimalistic, french and rustic. I would also like to incorporate some bright fun colors and overall I would like the room to be one of those you walk by and be like ‘ahh.. now that’s one good-looking room’.


The room doesn’t receive enough sunlight as, really, the only source comes from a very small window in the ceiling. The overhead light we do have is very dim and really doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘light’. This makes the room very dark and dingy. Adding lamps is also difficult as there are only two sockets in the room.


The bone-white color of the walls adds to this dreary feeling and in addition to this, the walls are very dirty with black marks everywhere.


I don’t like the flooring as I think the pale laminate makes the room feel stark, bare and uncosy. I’m also not a fan of the rug, or should I say, the pattern of the rug either.


There is too much unneeded furniture/clutter  in the room. The shelves are full with with 7482920 books, three quarters of which we have never read in our lives. The room also acts as a dumping ground for anyone who walks by it.


Everything in the room is mis-matched: the walls, the decorations, the furniture and the rug.


The overall vibe in the room is cold, dingy and actually quite depressing. What I had in mind was something a lot more warm and cosy.

Be sure to keep up with the blog as I attempt to tackle all of these problems and create the most fabulous room known to man. (Or something like that.)


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